BibTeX field: title

How to use the title field in BibTeX?

The title field is used to store title of the work. The most important part about the title field is to check capitalization of words. If not properly escaped by a pair of braces, BibTeX will convert it to lowercase words thus turning "DNA" into "dna".

% by writing {DNA} the capitalization is preserved
title = "{DNA} sequencing with chain-terminating inhibitors"

% It is also possible to preserve the capitaliztion of single 
% letters and ot use LaTeX commands for special chars
title = "Revisiting {W}ittgenstein on {K}{\"o}hler and {G}estalt psychology"

% Also the whole title field can be put into braces to 
% conserve its capitalization 
title = {{Sigmund Freud-early network theories of the brain}}

% Or just the two letters that need to be preserved
title = "{S}igmund {F}reud-early network theories of the brain"

% It's also possible to use inline equations
title = "$(A_\infty,2)$-categories and relative 2-operad"

How the title field is used in BibTeX entry types

BibTeX entryDescriptiontitle field
articleJournal articlerequired
bookletPrinted work without a publisherrequired
inbookAny section in a bookrequired
incollectionA titled section of a bookrequired
inproceedingsConference paperrequired
mastersthesisMaster's thesisrequired
miscMiscellaneous: if nothing else fitsoptional
phdthesisPhD thesisrequired
techreportTechnical report or white paperrequired
unpublishedA work that has not yet been officially publishedrequired