BibTeX field: howpublished

How to use the howpublished field in BibTeX?

The howpublished field is used to store the a notice for unusual publications. It's only real use case is in the @misc entry-type.

howpublished = "Distributed at the local tourist office"
howpublished = "WebPage"
howpublished = "Museum exhibit"
howpublished = "\url{}"

How the howpublished field is used in BibTeX entry types

BibTeX entryDescriptionhowpublished field
articleJournal article
bookletPrinted work without a publisheroptional
inbookAny section in a book
incollectionA titled section of a book
inproceedingsConference paper
mastersthesisMaster's thesis
miscMiscellaneous: if nothing else fitsoptional
phdthesisPhD thesis
techreportTechnical report or white paper
unpublishedA work that has not yet been officially published