BibTeX field: annote

How to use the annote field in BibTeX?

The annote field is used to store an annotation (brief, descriptive paragraph) about the reference like one would use in an annotated bibliography.

Examples are listed below.

annote = "The researchers at NYU explore in this paper ..."
annote = {The researchers at NYU explore in this paper ...}

How the annote field is used in BibTeX entry types

BibTeX entryDescriptionannote field
articleJournal article
bookletPrinted work without a publisher
inbookAny section in a book
incollectionA titled section of a book
inproceedingsConference paper
mastersthesisMaster's thesis
miscMiscellaneous: if nothing else fits
phdthesisPhD thesis
techreportTechnical report or white paper
unpublishedA work that has not yet been officially published